MAC Lipstick Collection


Thought I would do a post about my MAC lip collection because it is slowly growing due to my obsessions with how amazing I think their lip products are. I will be talking about 8 MAC lipsticks. 

The first MAC lipstick I ever bought, is the shade Mehr and is a matte finish. I first got this about a year ago (which is why the lipstick is stub like) and I was so excited because it is the most perfect dirty pink shade. This is a shade that goes with so many skin colours and is really versatile in my opinion. This lipstick cost me £15.50 when I bought it, but MAC have put these up to £16.50 now. 

The following shade is Velvet Teddy, which again is a matte finish and my all time favourite lipstick (which can be seen by how close I am to finishing it). This shade is a deep toned beigh, but I think it has a small hint of muted pink too. Writing this post made me realise I needed a new VT, so I have literally stopped writing to buy one of the new MAC Shadescents which have come out in 6 of the companies best sellers and one of them is Velvet Teddy. Again, this was £16.50.

The third shade is Whirl (also a matte finish). This shade is said to be a dirty rose colour. I find this colour to be a really dark brown, not a dirty rose in my opinion. Also £16.50.

Fourth shade is D For Danger which is a shade I wouldn’t have bought myself, but my little brother for me it for Christmas and I have worn it a few times. It is a burgundy purple colour. Also, £16.50.

The fifth shade is Twig which is a satin finish. The satin lipsticks are said to leave a velvet sheen finish and they are my favourite type of finish because they don’t dry the lips out like the matte lipsticks can. The shade is said to be a soft muted brownish-pink. Cost £16.50 again from MAC.

The next shade which is the last of the normal MAC lipsticks is Spirit which is a satin finish too. This said is said to be a muted pinky-beigh brown. Retailed at £16.50. 

The next the lipsticks are special edition/collaborations. I am hoping to grow a collection of these because I love the different packaging. The Cinderella was my favourite, but when they came our I wasn’t really into make up, so missed out on them.  

The first one I have is a Viva Glam in the shade V and is a lustre finish. Every VG lipstick that is sold, all the money goes towards men, women and children whom are affected and living with HIV/AIDS which I find inspiring. A lot of businesses will give a small percentage to a charity or needy cause, but having a whole range which is purely to raise money for HIV/AIDS is something else. Lustre finishes are semi-gloss finishes which is nice, but it can be hard to get the colour to become opaque and visible. The shade V is a neutral pink with pearl. These lipsticks are also £16.50.

The last lipstick is from the Caitlyn Jenner collaboration in the shade RockIt! which is a cremesheen finish. A cremesheen finish is a just a high shine finishing lipstick and the shade is said to be a midtown beigh. I love the gold packaging of this product, especially the mirrored lid. Priced at £16.50.

That was so much longer than I anticipated! Below are swatches of all the MAC lipsticks that I have talked about. The left column of swatches is without flash and the right side is with a flash. From top to bottom; Mehr, Velvet Teddy, Whirl, D For Danger, Twig, Spirit, Viva Glam V and RockIt!.

Thank you for reading if you made it to the end! Have a great Easter weekend, hopefully full of choccy eggs.

Leesha xox 


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